4 Resolutions to Start the Year with Purpose

Most of us feel a a lot of pressure when it comes to setting resolutions for the New Year. After all, there's nothing quite this time a year to refuel of energy to work out, eat healthier or achieving a professional goal.

But we all know that for many this motivation can flame out as quickly as it came, leavings us in a total FUNK!

But, what if we did something different this year??

First, let's take a look of why we end up in the same defeated place each year? The reason why so many of our resolutions fail and can't sustain in the long-term is because they rarely come from a place of genuine desire of self-growth. Instead they come from a place of insecurity, comparison, social pressure.

So this year, let's change it up by shifting the way we approach our resolutions. The next 4 resolutions that will motivate you to go into personal development. And while you might not get to see changes immediately, that it's OK. We are not looking for fast changes, we want changes that stay.

Set an Intention

Keep it simple, what is one thing, that will encourage your self-growth and by consequence make a difference in every area of your life. It can be setting yourself boundaries, like the way you speak to yourself, your thoughts. Making sure you speak to yourself the way you speak to other with kindness and love.

Listen to Your Body

Keeping it real: if haven't worked out in months, then setting a resolution to hit the gym five times a week, is probably not realistic and you are setting yourself up for failure. Instead of setting a crazy unrealistic goal, commit to listening to your body. That could be walking your dog if you are feeling anxious or taking a pilates class if you want to do a low impact workout. This is connected to the way you approach food, you might be changing your relationship with food in a way that encourages growth. Listen to what your body needs.

Stay Still Do Nothing

Yeahp! Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay still, you don't have to start your year batsh*t crazy keeping yourself overly busy. Just so you feel you are starting the year "right".

You'll find that space that used to be fill up with extra social engagements and obligations, is where you will find room to grow and discover what feels good for you. Even if it's just a couple of minutes a day, carve out some time to quiet down your brain, no TV, no phone, just silence, you'll be surprise how quickly you will have clarity. Once you have clarity you can go full speed, because you are doing it with purpose.

Do You

The three resolutions we just talked about boil down to one thing: finding what feels good to you. It's not about what other people think or are doing, it's about what you want to do. And that's what self-growth is all about, right?! So this year, commit to following the things that are good for your soul. Whether it is a workout you fell in love with, carve some time, or stumbled upon a good book, and reading it, or setting boundaries with someone and keeping those boundaries. Don't be afraid to do it! This is what it stands from having a same year or a new year.




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