My Strategy for a Healthy Back to School Lunch

We are going into third grade this year, I've been packing school lunches for many years now and with hit and misses I have found the best strategy for packing lunches, in a way that is easy, yummy and fast! We all love to get more sleep in the morning...

The main formula is a bit of organization ahead, know what you will make through out the week and making sure you have it in your kitchen!

Let me share with you in detailed my strategy and would love to know what is your strategy as well in a comment below :)

I'm going to show you the way I do it, as well as my favorite products that won't break the bank!

Stock Up on Lunch Supplies

We all have been there... the kiddo forgets his/her lunch box at school and you are left with ZERO lunch supplies. Lesson learned now I have extra!

I make sure to have more of:

Lunch boxes

Bento boxes ( I like to keep the food organized)


Emergency: tupperware

Create a Weekly Menu

week menu

Keep it simple and practical! I usually do a:

Main Course

Sandwich sushi rolls salty

Sandwich sushi rolls PB&J

Rice Cake & almond butter

Salami & cheese

Portion of Veggie


Carrot Sticks

Cherry tomatoes

Portion of Fruit



Apples slices



hummus & grain free chips

+ Snack

Create a School Lunch Snack Basket

This is game changing, these are snacks that are easy to add to their lunch boxes and easy for them to reach for themselves during the day! It gives them also a sense of independence, believe less "Mommy I'm hungry!"

Get Them Involved

Children love to be involved, have them prep their lunch with you, roll the sandwich sushi rolls, spread the almond butter on the rice cake, take out the fruit and veggies from the fridge and fill their bento boxes.

Lastly, Add a Little Note!

Toss in a cute note to make them smile, just something simple as: I love you, I'm proud you, You rock!

A little reminder of regardless if they are having a bad day, they are loved and they have a loving home to come back to.

I hope this is a strategy you can apply to your lifestyle if not, see in what ways you can make it your own!


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