Motivating Podcasts that Will Boost Your Day

You guys know I'm a HUGE podcast listener, I usually start my day trying to avoid unread texts or Instagram, and I go straight with Mama Oprah (as I like to call her).

It really brings peace to my morning and some clarity to my day and life!

Later during the day, I love to listen to more upbeat podcasts to give me energy, inspo, and ideas in business and in life in general.

So Podcasts for me not only changes my morning but really my day and my life... There are days where I may be feeling in a funk or with a creator's block or not my happiest self and just by listening to a real good podcast my overall perspective in life or in any certain topic may change... just like that.

Never underestimate the power of a really good conversation!

Without any further a due, here are my TOP 4 PODCASTS!

Oprah's Supersoul Conversations

You can always count on Oprah for a AHA MOMENT!! For me, by just listening to her voice it really brings a sense of peace into my morning, and her amazing guests are just the cherry on top!

I just listened to his episode this morning her conversation with Cheryl Strayed it was short and powerful! LISTEN HERE

Purpose with Jay Shetty

Whether you see him on Instagram or listening to him on his podcast this guys is something else!! He speaks in a way that I think everyone can identify with his message.

I loved this episode with Marie Forleo (another favorite person of mine) LISTEN HERE

The Goop Podcast

Whether they are talking about business, mental health or parenthood advice... you know this gals will absolutely share the most amazing tips.

This episode about parenthood has been one of my absolute favorites LISTEN HERE

The Skinny Confidential (Him & Her)

These two are hilarious... I may find it so, because I can identify my relationship with theirs. I love how they are not afraid to be them and they just hang it out in the open.

A love me or hate me kinda attitude! Not only that.. they have the best guests in their show.

I love this podcast with FoodBabe she is the real shit when it comes to investigating about food sneaky chemicals and so much more. LISTEN HERE

Listening to my podcasts is one of my favorite daily tool that haS really made a big impact in my life for better.

I hope it makes a difference in yours too! I would love to hear what are your favorite podcasts in a comment below.


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