Say: Bye-Bye to Resolutions!

Resolutions, they are really only temporary, cause if we think about it: Why do we make them every single year?

In the past couple of years, I haven't felt rushed to set "new" resolutions, I rather set specific and actionable goals for the year based on what I learned and how I evolved in the previous year.

Every new year we go into repeat with the "I'll lose -- lbs in one month" or "I'm going to start to workout". And.. we start, we do it, but many times it doesn't last long.

So let's change the way we look at things:

Instead of doing the crazy new diets, doing them, losing weight, stopping cause it's just to hard and binging.

Let's do this instead: Tune in to your body, and eat foods that make you feel good. We all know what that is.

Instead of fixating yourself with losing certain amount of pounds.

Let's do this instead: Set specific dates and times when you will work out. You can start slow and gradually increase days and intensity. I promise you will absolutely see results and working out will become a must in your life.

Resolutions tend to be to general, and don't address the barriers (unhealthy habits) that prevent your from reaching your goals.

When it come to setting goals be specific, always state what, how and when.

WHAT- are the realistic, attainable and purposeful goals you will work on.

HOW- will you achieve them? In other words what are the specific small steps you need to achieve in order to get the bigger goal.

WHEN- will you do these serious of steps (dates and times)

Every morning you wake up, you are faced with decisions that will take you one way or another:

Will I wake up to workout or Stay in bed

Will I choose foods that nurture or Eat processed foods and sugars

Will I push a bit hard in my workout today or Stay comfortable with the same intensity

It's all daily choices we make.

Let's not make resolutions this year but lasting changes- one step a time!



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