Sip- and Savor Your Cup of Joe - With No Fear!

Most of us love our good fresh cup of Joe in the mornings! And as I'm not a fan to drink coffee for energy (leave that to your good food), I do love what it represents!

It's part of our magical morning routine!

So why take it away? Well, studies in the past have shown that coffee is linked to certain diseases. But my friends not worry, sip and savor!

NEW STUDIES have found that positives of coffee outweighs the negative (a small chemical that can cause damage only if you drink coffee in ridiculously high doses)

So not worry, there's nothing but good vibes for coffee!

But what I do have to say is that caffeine affects everyone's body differently - no size fits all! If you feel caffeine gets you jittery, anxious, or affects the quality of your sleep then, you'll want to reduce your intake or make a swap for tea.

Sipping a cup a day has been shown to help protect against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, certain cancers and heart failure.

Coffee beans contain antioxidants - that contain great nutritional value!

NOW I'm talking about a good old black cup of coffee... many of the harmful effects comes from what you add to the coffee and not the coffee itself.

Specifically I'm talking about the processed creamers and added sugars!

Try swapping with any of these good sources + add nutritional value to your coffee!

Coconut Water- this combo is perfect for the pre morning workouts. Coconut water replenishes the electrolytes you loose when you sweat. Add a 1/4 cup of coconut water to your iced coffee and it gives you the sweetness you make be craving for.

Collagen or Bone Broth Powder - These protein power dusts are packed with amino acids and collagen that are incredible good for your- skin, nails, hair and muscles!

Stir 1/2 scoop of powder into your iced or warm coffee until well dissolved, this is a great way to swap your creamer.

MCT Oil- Say hello to the new oil in town! Well at least in my kitchen is new, many people have been adding this oil to their coffee with great benefits. This oil is rich in fatty acids, this good source of fat will help remain without hunger longer and will lower the spike in the stress hormone (cortisol). Add this oil to your warm coffee!

Cinnamon- An old timer and that's for a reason! Cinnamon contains antioxidants that help lower blood pressure, prevent cancer cells growth and fights the aging process. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon before you brew your coffee for an incredible flavor!

Try any of these swaps and let me know what you think!!



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