Why I Transitioned to Low Impact Workouts

As many of you know from following me on Instagram through out the years, I transitioned from high intensity workouts - heavy lifting to more low intensity workouts almost a year ago. Listening to my body has always been key to my overall health!

So, what was I feeling? Intense soreness, I was feeling more muscle fatigue, more than anything else and I felt I was losing mobility and flexibility. I was also feeling insatiable hunger, I was hungry all the time, and was eating a great amount of animal protein. I decided it was time for a change...

I just decided I wanted to feel and treat my body differently, NOW, that doesn't mean hight intense workouts are bad for you! It was just not for me anymore...

My high intensity workouts consisted in heavy lifting like CrossFit, for years!!! I was all into it, with the ultimate goal of getting stronger and stronger. Many times as squeezing in a double!

My mentality was lifting, and passing out that was the only way to get fit!

As I mentioned before I found myself insanely hungry, eating more calories than burning (not that I count calories) but I knew it was more food intake than my body really needed and ultimately did affect my weight and body definition.

Internally, I was feeling fatigued during the day, having a hard time boosting my energy, regardless of my nutrition.

What I realized was that I was putting my body through stress, increasing my cortisol levels. Most importantly, I was losing the motivation to go to class, I found myself staying in bed many mornings (I know you can relate with this one!!)

How I transitioned? It was slow and organic, I cut down my high intensity workouts to three times a week, incorporating a lot of yoga to rehabilitate my body and more long distance running and spinning...

I'm not gonna lie it took many months to find classes that I absolutely loved, but I knew that was the route that I wanted to take!

Long story short! Months ago I was able to find the perfect combination of interval training with very little lifting and barre, pilates and body sculpting. I still do some HIIT workouts here and there, but I definitely lowered the weight lifting dramatically, and my body loves it!

What changes have I seen in my body?!! The combo of interval training and low impact workouts has done wonders for me. I leaned out, lost weight naturally, much to do that I am less hungry. My body has craved more greens, good bye to sugar spikes, and over eating.

My body feels more healthy than ever, more in tune with my body, still feel strong and my energy levels are finally making sense, they are consistent through out my day.

I still feel sore, it's just a different kind of soreness. I have found that classes like barre, pilates and body sculpting focuses on different muscles groups (core, gluten, thighs, legs) that has led to the results I was initially looking for yearssssss ago!! A good booty and some strong abs!!

Saying this I want you to know that you can find that balance as well! No matter what exercise that may be, while I thrive with the combination of interval training and low impact workouts, you may feel just as energized and healthy in heavy lifting high intensity workouts! I share this as a continuous inspiration to listen to your body, nobody knows more- what's best for you than YOU!!

Like always say: YOU DO YOU GIRl!! As long as you are always listening to your body ;)


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