3 Unexpected & Amazing Benefits of Cleansing

Why cleansing? Many think this is just the "popular thing" to do and nothing else.

Well, if we think about it we live in a very toxic world: what we eat, what we breath, and what we touch, are full of toxins.

A cleanse will help your body release many of those toxins, think about it like hitting a reset button for your body.

The cleanse and detox will help break our addiction to sugar, increase our energy, balance our hormones, heal our gut and make us fell pretty great all around, and if that wasn't enough you also end up with glowing skin.

Now, if you have done a Cleanse before, you may had only be doing it because of the physical perks, you know... drinking the juices, going through withdrawals symptoms with the ultimate purpose of: looking great!

But, did you ever notice that something else shifts as well when you do a cleanse, you sometimes need to slow down a bit, to be able to appreciate what's going on internally in a deeper level.

Something a bit more emotional and spiritual..

Here is what else you can expect from a week of detoxifying!

1. A Better Way to Cope with Stress

Sugar, processed foods, and the abuse of caffeine all contribute to adrenal fatigue. As we nurture our body with fresh juices and high nutrient foods our adrenals reboot. And healthy adrenals help the body and brain cope and deal better with the day to day stresses in your life.

2. You Get in Touch with Your Creativity

When we eat high nutrients good and less or no processed foods, we detoxify our brain as well. It functions better and we have clarity of thought.

With clarity of thought comes FOCUS, we are able to solve problems better, ideas flow...

This is a perfect time for reflective thinking.

3. You Feel Still & Present

The action of cleansing, makes your body slow down. It encourages you to be more conscious as you prepare your food and when you eat your food.

Many consciously, take the Cleanse period to do yoga, practice deep breathing exercises and practicing stillness.

All these actions contribute to help your body and mind release toxicity, creating a space to connect mind, body and spirit.

Never done a Cleansing before or if you have, you have had a bad experience?

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