Easy Back 2 School Lunch Ideas

And the kids are officially back to school!! (happy dance) Don't take me wrong I'm gonna miss my little nugget, a lot!! She is my partner in crime but.. mama has to go back to work and needs some time for herself! A-S-A-P

One of things moms kinda dislike is the lunch prepping, I mean, I know kids can get picky! They make it almost impossible at times!

To help you out, here are 5 Guidelines to Follow so you can make it happen and 3 basic healthy lunch ideas, why only 3, cause sometimes less is better. Remember you can make as many combination as you wish!


1. Meet your kids in the middle. Understand that it is a process, and forcing them to eat healthy, is bad for everyone! Make a list of 5-10 foods that they like, divide into categories: veggies, fruits, protein, healthy fats (almond butter, avocado).

2. Meet in the middle and transition. Some kids only like fruit and maybe carrots, that's O.K! Meet them there, and slowly incorporate other veggies such as: cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, cucumber, celery.

3. Add the good stuff! All kids want something sweet, so make sure to add a little sweetness, such as honey and granola with their fruit, a bit of Nutella, or almond butter. If that will help them eat healthier, take it girlfriend!

4. Balance their plate. Buy a lunch container with 3 compartments, this will help as a reminder to give them: healthy carbs (fruit and veggies) or/and multi-grain bread, almond flour cracker, protein (organic ham rolls, organic cheese bits, greek yogurt, tuna salad), healthy fats (almond butter, avocado)

5. Have day A, B, C. Create a small menu for each day, and stick to it, it makes the grocery shopping easier and meal prepping faster!

Next, on the list, I'm sharing 3 small menus for 3 different days!

Black Forest Ham rolls (brand: Applegate) + almond flour crackers (brand: Simple Mills)

Cucumber + organic Hummus (brand:HEB)


Plain Greek Yogurt (brand:Chobani) + honey + strawberries + granola (brand: Nature's Path Organic)

Baby carrots + cucumbers + lime


Sandwich (organic cheese, ham, paleo mayo (brand: Primal Kitchen, lettuce, tomatoes)

Granny smith apple slices + almond butter (brand: Cost-Co Kirkland)

Cherry tomatoes

Remember you can mix and combine or substitute!

Good luck to all the kiddos going back to school and mama you take some time for yourself and get back on track!

Lots of love,

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