How to Jet-Set and Keep It Healthy!

When we are living an authentic healthy lifestyle - How much control do we have over our healthy regimen when traveling?

I mean can we really break out the usual travel habits of sugary snacks, pasta and wine at night, and almost none-existent workouts?

and if we have control...

Is it really good for us, to not be able to let loose sometimes??

I think we can truly have both!! Specially if you travel often! I have been in both sides of the spectrum, the strict healthy eating ( quite frankly I was kinda miserable) and the all out I eat what I want (leaving my body feeling like crap).

On my last couple of travels, I have consciously tried to find the balance. I have found -you can always enjoy your vacation but can also prioritize your health, by making healthier food choices.

Don't let travel throw you back, let me show you how!

BYO Food, Snacks and Teas

I'm specially talking about the plane don't let hunger hit ya! Bring your favorite salad along with you, or any favorite snack bar (little to no sugar added, and approved ingredients). Make sure to bring extras to have during the trip. Also, bring along your favorite tea bags, this is incredible to start your morning on a good note or to help your digestion after a heavy meal.

Balance Your Meals

One of the reasons why your body feels unbalanced, it'ss because your meals are not balanced. Make sure to eat your source of protein and vegetables at each meal, and limit food your wouldn't normally eat. For example instead of having a dessert by yourself, share it ! Also, to make sure you are having your nutrient dense daily intake, have a daily green juice.

Pack With You Cute Workout Wear

There is something about cute workout wear that make you want to workout. It's something you can wear during the day, you look cute and it motivates you to stay on track. Win win! You can always buy some cute workout outfits right before a trip ;)

Set Your Alarm

Set time aside, book and pay a class, so you are more accountable. Research ahead of time what fitness gyms are close from where you are staying, soul cycle, crossfit, boxing, barre yoga?? And it's a great way to meet new people that have the same interests!

You generally make better food choices through out the day after a workout.

These are tips that I pack with me wherever I go! After every trip I ask myself: Did you have fun? And the answer is YES, every single time! And I my body feels great!

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Lots of love,

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