Your First Steps to Wellness! (at no cost)

Sometimes you don’t have to invest the big bucks in order to start!

You can take your first steps to a healthy living by implementing practices that are easy to integrate and you actually E-N-J-O-Y!

Follow these three easy steps, once you know it you will find yourself way ahead on your journey into wellness…

Do What Feels Good. Go for your daily green juice or smoothie on your way to work! If you miss a day, it’s ok, you are not failing, so don’t beat yourself up. It’s actually part of the process and the journey. Having those pancakes at brunch with friends, is self-care too.

If you don’t know what makes you feel good, just give yourself permission to get out of your comfort zone and start exploring!

Share Your Struggles. At at time that we are more in our phones and spending less time having human interactions, making sure you are talking to a friend, family member or therapist about any issue will give optimal health. When you talk to someone outside any given situation, they are able to come up with solutions for what’s bothering you and most importantly it feels good!

Create a Ritual. Have your daily self-care must have or haves. Journal in the morning, go to your barre class, or a five minute meditation. Do it every day and soon it’ll feel like it’s always been a part of your life.

lots of love,

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