Kick Sugar to The Curb and Make it Stick

How can I survive the first few days of quitting sugar? Good question!! Many are not even able to survive the first couple of days, finding themselves quickly back in a relationship with sugar.

Am I right?

Breakups are hard, even when we know it's the best thing for us! Cutting back on sugar, will quickly help our body start to feel more energized and laser focused, so the question is not whether we should do it, rather how can we achieve it???

Let me help you out by making it easier for you to survive the initial days with this easy guide:

DON'T go cold turkey. Cutting out all sugar at once can backfire, and cause binging. Doing more harm than good.

DO eat natural forms of sugar when needed. Listen to your body when feeling dizzy, nauseated, fatigued or with a headache (symptoms of withdrawals), eat fruit.

Try to aim for 1-2 cups a day of berries, apples, oranges and kiwi.

DON'T neglect sleep. Lack of sleep is directly associated with sugar cravings, studies show.

DO hydrate. Sugar cravings, is a common symptom of dehydration. Go first for the water, you might not be really craving sweets. Aim to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day.

DON'T skip meals, specially breakfast! If you are running on an empty stomach, you are more likely to over do it in your next meal. targeting sweet options as well.

DO boost up your veggie intake. Vegetables are high on vitamin, nutrients, good sugar and fiber, which helps fill you up and will stabilize blood sugar. Make sure you have well balanced meals Proteins-Healthy Carbs- Healthy Fats.

Think you need more help to kick that sugar out of your life, for good?!! Then maa friends, perfect timing. I'll be starting my 3 Day Reset Your Body- Kick Out Sugar for Good, very soon Reset Sign Up Form here to get all the deeds!

As always thank you for reading loves!


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