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What the heck should we eat?!! With many dietary theories out there, it gets overwhelming confusing and defeating! Right?

Just take a look at the two trendiest diets right now, Vegan vs. Ketogenic - they are total opposites!

No wonder everyone gets confused, here is an EASY SIMPLE ANSWER.

Your body will tell you, what you need, some people need little or no meat and they can supplement it with other foods that contain protein, other need or want, to include more animal products into their diet.

As long as you have high energy, no bloating and your skin is healthy, then you are doing the right thing. Specially when it comes to greens, I always say: If it's green and grows, go for it!

Here is a simple ethos by Mark Hyman, M.D.: "If it's from nature, whether a plant or a grass-fed cow, it's good to eat. If it's made by people, proceed with caution."

Pay attention, GRASS-FED, that it is very important!

So that goes for our meals, how about our favorite snacks and indulgences?

He are my 3 top substitutions of our common snacks and indulgences:

Breakfast Cereal, Mix a bowl of nuts, seeds, honey and fruits specially berries that contain less sugar and are high on antioxidants. You'll get that satisfying crunchiness your body is craving without the long list of fishy ingredients and added sugars.

Happy Hour, One of the most common questions I get asked! Do I have to quit alcohol? All in moderation, of course, but you CAN find healthy low-sugar options like a single vodka soda and lime.

Baking, Nut flours, nut butter, honey and coconut or almond milk are your friends; crazy how you can subsittute and eliminate many of the unhealthy ingredients that are used for baking. Say goodbye to processed flour and sugar!

So, when you start getting all overwhelmed with new dietary theories, take a step back, go back to basics, by listening to your body.

Your body will always tell what you need.

If you are all about listening to your body, then please do share!

Lots of love,

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