5 Ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

When I asked on a poll on my Instagram @livewellbyamanda, what was one of a Nutrition Topic where you needed the most help RIGHT NOW, hands down, it was that you are suffering from low energy.

I bet many turn to sugary "energy" bars or caffeine, desperately seeking for energy BUT what happens? You do get a spike of energy, but immediately afterwards your get an energy crush, making you more fatigue.

Fatigue may be our worst enemy, fatigue breaks us down physically and emotionally and wreaks havoc on the immune system, making us more susceptible to illness, depression, and even chronic conditions like heart disease.

So what's the answer, how can we boost our energy in a way that is healthy and lasts all through our day??!

Yeap, exactly what you are thinking, FOOD, REAL FOOD! Literally, eating for ENERGY!

Specially certain type of foods, here are 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

#1 Eat More Iron ( from plants)

Certain nutrients, especially iron, may help women feel more energized. Iron-deficiency, can cause fatigue and impair physical and mental endurance. Iron is needed to deliver oxygen to cells. Great plant sources of iron include beans, lentils, spinach, and sesame seeds.

Try this recipe! Veggie Lentil Soup

#2 Eat the Right Food Combos

To start off we have to understand everyone is different so your plate may vary of the foods you eat.

BUT, you still should be having healthy REAL FOOD of every category here is my Balanced Food Combo Formula for maximum energy: lean protein (if vegan make sure you are eating foods with iron) + fruit or veggies (or both) + plant based fats (like avocado) + whole grain (not always).

A balanced nutrition creates a balanced body and your body loves that!

#3 Don't Abuse Caffeine

O.K. I know, I drink my espresso or my lattes and I know it's a huge part of your beautiful morning ritual as well.

I want to everyone have that, but in a way that, 1) it's not the first thing you drink in the morning, first go to water and a good healthy breakfast or a green juice and 2) don't make it your go-to every time you feel a lack of energy.

Here is why...

Caffeine gives a ‘false' energy essentially, because it's a stimulant and after it peaks, you can start to feel tired or even more tired.

Instead of caffeine, have some fruit that contain more sugar, like banana, watermelon and mangos or if you are bit more hungry, and it may be why your body is desperately seeking for caffeine, then have a well balanced smoothie or why not, my favorite, a smoothie bowl!

#4 Eat an Energizing Breakfast Don't Skip It!

Starting off, make time to prep your breakfast, doesn't have to be fancy just remember a balanced one.

Don't limit your morning meal only to protein or carbs; breakfast needs to be balanced too,

Instead of having just oatmeal, add some high antioxidant fruit, a good fat and protein like nuts or seeds, and steel cut oats.

#5 Eat More Superfruits

Eat a wide variety of superfuits—apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes. Limiting yourself to the same old banana for breakfast curbs your nutrient and antioxidant intake and can make you feel worse.

Try to have all the colors of the rainbow in your fridge, there is a reason why they are different colors, each fruit nurtures our body in different ways.

Follow these easy ways, you can start with one and eventually adding the next one, small changes = BIG lasting results!

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As always thank you for reading!

Lost of love,

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