3 Steps to Healthy Eating (post-thanksgiving)

It sure feels good to be back to routine after Thanksgiving break?! Back to schedule, to daily work outs and back to my full wholesome healthy eating.

Many people get stuck in the "not so good eating" all through out the Holidays, but keeping it real, not every day is a Holiday from here to January. We can have some healthy days, here and there, right?

O.K. so if you feel a bit lost? Thinking giving up and worrying until January is the way to go? I'm here to remind you, you can do things a bit different this year, so you can have a good kickstart in January.

Let me help you out, here are 3 Easy Steps to Healthy Eating (post-thanskgiving), transitioning into Christmas. These are some basic rules to get you started:

1) Focus on Fruits and Veggies

As you may all know, produce is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They will help you filling you out! Perfect to avoid any overeating during the holidays. You can bake them, eat them raw, even drink them! Once you follow this step and make most of you plate bright and colorful, there will be less room for animal protein. If it feels right for you to eliminate protein, more power to you sister! But if that is not the case, add a small amount of animal protein.

2) Avoid additives (any ingredients you can't pronounce) and Cut Sugar and Use Real Clean Sweeteners.

Eat minimally processed foods, that means the ones that have a short ingredient list and ingredients you can pronounce, if you can't pronounce an ingredient, avoid it!

Depending on your level of commitment you might choose homemade versions or look for logos such as: organic, GF, and Non-GMO.

Also, look for foods that contain real sugar, even if it says cane sugar that is better than the products that contain fructose and glucose, which totally sabotages your taste buds.

Adding a little sweetness to your food with raw honey and 100 percent maple sugar, it's just fine!

3) An Easy Rule for You to Follow, the 80/20 Rule.

It can seem overwhelming to eat healthy all the time, specially during the Holidays. But if you stick to Healthy Eating 80% of the time, and let loose 20% of the time, by letting loose I mean in M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N!, you'll still feel many of the advantages. I love using this Guide Rule cause it allows you to put the guilt aside and bad relationship with food and allows you to enjoy and savor every bite of life! Because isn't what's life it's all about?!

Now, tell me, does these 3 Steps sound like an easy thing to follow?! Share your comment below.

As always thank you for reading, you are guys are the very best!

Lots of love,

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