Breast Cancer Prevention Guide: 5 Minute Quick + Easy Recipes!

There is a whole lot that we know about Breast Self-Exam and the procedure after detecting any abnormality in our breasts; but little do we know about how to prevent it and how to reduce the risk of getting Breast Cancer to begin with.

Knowing how to feed, nourish and immerse yourself in the magical goodness of real nutritious food, is a true gift and true medicine. When it comes to living the healthiest life possible it is a true necessity.

I have to admit every time I cook at home, I give myself a pat on the back! Even though is something small and not so fancy.

Another true necessity? Is being able to keep it simple and delicious, defeats the purpose of being healthy if you stress about having to cook all day long. I get you!

Here is a little bit of inspiration, to treat and love your body starting by the foods that you eat.

So.. what exactly is the Breast Cancer Prevention Guide?

The Breast Cancer Prevention Guide, it's a What to Eat Guide, a list of specific micronutrients and Super Foods that will help you prevent and reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.


5 minutes Quick & Easy Recipes that will include many of the fighting cancer foods, in a way that is simple, easy and delicious!

All of this, for FREE! Why?? Because I believe in giving back and spreading the knowledge to my tribe.

The only thing I'm going to ask is for you all to share this Guide to all the ladies you know so we fight Cancer also by preventing it!

How can you get it??

Easy peasy, download your guide here!!

See below the Photo Gallery of the Recipes that you will get when you download the guide!

Lots of love,

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