5 Ways to Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary

As we enter October, a month focused mainly in the healing and war against Breast Cancer and also as we enter months where we spend longer periods of time at home. I wanted to focus on the importance of making our Home truly a place of healing, re-charging, and love, our very own Sanctuary.

As you may all know our living space has a tremendous effect in our emotional and physical health. Have you ever entered a place where you feel suddenly light and in peace, as well as places where the energy is heavy, such as hospitals and funeral homes?? That all has to do with the energy of that certain place.

When people, mainly friends walk into my home, they mention how calm and at peace they feel. Sometimes, making it hard to kick them out! lol Just kidding! I love having my friends at the house. I love that my home, is able to provide that ease, and relaxation for them. What makes a space healing for your mind and body? And how can you bring these elements into your own life so that you too can make your home a wellness sanctuary?

I must admit, the way I turned my home into my very own Sanctuary came from a very instinctual place, but now that I come to think what are the things that make it so, I want to share them with you all.

Here are 5 Ways That You Can Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary:

#1 Be Aware of The Energy You Put Into Your Home

It is very common for negative energy to seep in, specially the energy we bring in from, maybe a bad day at work. Start by creating awareness when you feel in a bad space and working on mediation or breathing exercises to release those negative feelings.

Second of all, cleaning your house from that energy once it's already there whether it was by your own energy or someone else's who came to house.

Sage cleansing is one of the oldest and fastest ways for how to remove negative energy from your home. Open your front door and the windows in the house. Starting from the back of the space, light the sage and walk around the room covering as much of it as you can. Using a feather or your hand, waft the sage smoke into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. Make sure to go into every room as you move from the back of the house to the front. When you’ve reached the front, walk out the door and sage around the door and frame. You may repeat a cleaning energy mantra such as:

Smoke of air and

fire of Earth.

Bless and Cleanse

this home and hearth.

Drive away all harm and fear;

only good may enter here.

#2 Use Non-Toxi Cleaning Products

You can DIY home cleaning products as well as beauty products, but if you are like me you may be looking for non-toxic cleaning products at health food stores, and now you can find them more than ever at conventional supermarkets as well. Just be careful, even if a product claims to be “natural”, just be sure it does not contain “fragrance” and uses essential oils instead.

My two favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products are Method and Mrs. Meyer you can find all kind of cleaning products from hand soap to laundry detergent.

#3 Get Fresh Air

Open windows to allow fresh air, and release bad toxins that are floating around the house and the air conditioning system. Also, the smell of the air and the trees of every different season relaxes your nervous system. It’s important to open your home each day, even in winter, specially in the family room, kitchen and in your bedroom.

#4 Make It a Space That You Love

It is important to absolutely love the space where you live in, make sure to make it your own. Have subtle wall paint colors, add pictures that bring you love and peace, have a comfy bead spread and throw pillows that make you fall in love with your bed. Have REAL indoor plants, studies show that plants take in the toxic chemicals through their leaves, roots and even the soil they sit in, removing many of the toxic vapours that may be lurking about. Have a no shoe zone, specially for the members of the family who live in the house, shoes bring pesticides, toxins, and other unwanted residues into our homes.

#5 De-Clutter Your Home

Have massive cleans outs every couple of months, be realistic! Keep the things that you only need and you absolutely love from clothes to kitchen stuff. Everything you see in your house should be a constant reminder that you love your Sanctuary. Cluttering most of the times gives you a sense of heaviness and disorganization. Things like holiday decorations make sure to store well and in order.

So there you have it, this is how I created my very own Sacred place.

Do you have any other tips on how to create your very own Sanctuary, please let me know! And share this post with others, that might be looking and in need to create their own sacred place.

As, always thank you for reading, and wishing you all fun with your Home Project!

Lots of love,

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