3 Ways You Can Help Mexico After the Earthquake

I can only speak from my heart, being Mexican, a mother and having much of my family in Mexico City. My heart is shattered to see the aftermath of one of the deadliest Earthquakes México City has had to endure.

The aftermath has barely begun, as of now there are 230 people dead this is an approximation, and among them 32 kids who were at the Enrique Rebsámen Elementary School at the time of the event. As of this morning they were still trying to rescue more children who are trapped in the collapsed building.

But within the darkness there is so much light, I can describe my country as one of many faults but also one that is filled with people who unite so strongly when in time in need. So much, that the Red Cross just hours after the event was asking people to stop volunteering. Restaurants serving free meals, hotels letting people spend the night for free and internet providers are free for people so they can call their loved ones. All hospitals are offering free assistance. Doctors, veterinarians, architects, and structural engineers, nurses and others working day and night for free. Human chains are removing debris, passing buckets, shovels, and rescuing people trapped in the collapsed buildings. In a matter of hours civilians established 1,145 collection centres all around the country.This is México, this is why we are full of pride of being Mexicans, all of this weighs so much more than a corrupted government and narco cartels. Because this is México!

Now, seeing all of this, us the people who are miles away may give us a sense of joy seeing all this unity but also we suffer a sense of frustration not being able to be there physically. But let's not be paralyzed by this but inspired by it, let's do whatever we can to help -- from spreading the word where people can donate, to making a donation online or donating items and food if you have a collection center in your city. You may think you have little to donate, but remember when you help México you help double. Dollars convert into more less twice the money in pesos. You may think it won't make a difference but it will!

As I said the aftermath has barely begun, so much more help will be needed, and help is always good at all times and we know there are people wanting to lend a hand and don't know how.

Here are 3 ways you can help México from far away:

1. Topos México

This is a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team. They have helped in various International Disasters. More than ever they need our support and any donation is more than appreciated.

You can send a donation here:

  • Bank: Santander

  • Account holder name: 92-00070929-4

  • SWIFT Code: 014180920007092942

  • Reference: Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C.

To donate anywhere else via Paypal go to their page.

2. Amazon

Red Cross has also a wish list in Amazon of items that are needed right now. You can check the list here.

3. Non- Profit Organizations & Campaigns.

You can also donate to non profit organizations such as Project La Paz. To donate go to their page.

Or to non profit campaigns such as You Caring a campaign organized by Miguel Layún and Javier Hernandez, Mexican Soccer Players who like us, are far away and want to help. To donate go to their page.

From the bottom of my heart thank you and Mexico thanks you!!! Thank you to everyone who is donating and spreading the word.

Thank you to Japan, Costa Rica, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Israel and Panama for sending rescuer workers to México.

Sending love and light all around the world! May you kiss your kids and hug them a bit longer tonight, for we are alive and safe. If this shows you something is to live life to the fullest, if something is certain is that we have only have the present moment!

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