7 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Daily

We all know that water has a list of incredible healthy benefits, it releases toxins, hydrates you, helps with weigh loss, yet we don't drink as much as we should even knowing all of this information. Some people forget, some people are too busy and some people they quite don't like it.

The truth is that the more you drink water the better you feel. The more you drink water the more you like it. I know this one has happened to you, the more you drink water the more you feel thirsty all the time and you crave it. So why not trying to drink a bit more water through out your day?? You have nothing to loose, right?

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Daily

1. Have More Fun With Your Water, specially if you are not a big fan of water. Add some flavor and have fun by dunking fresh cucumber, lemons, raspberries, blueberries, grapefruit and even hurts such as mint and rosemary.

2. Sip Some Water Before You Eat, wether you are at a restaurant or in your home, drink a glass of water before every meal. Drinking water before a meal, decreases your calorie intake, because it helps you get full.

3. Keep Your Water Near By, some people take their gallon of water everywhere, but quite frankly I don't see it as practical and not a pretty accessory for us ladies. Rather even though, you will have to refill during the day, keep a water bottle with you, more practical, and choose any color you like to make it work as an accessory. Bring your water with you at all times, is a constant reminder for you to drink water.

4. Dilute Drinks With Sugar, With Water; if must have your meal with Ice Tea or Lemonade, a way to compromise is to, dilute your drink with water and ice.

5. The One to One Rule When Drinking, I discovered this in recent years and it does help, specially the next day with the hangover. You are also, making sure to hydrate during the nigh and help you dilute any sugars and syrups the use in cocktails.

6. Track Your Water, as well as you can track your steps, you can also track your water. They have basic things such as Watet Bottles that mark the hours. Or take it up a notch and download an app, such as Waterlogged or Hydro Coach.

7. Squeeze a Drink Into Your Daily Routine, every time you wash your teeth, take a shower, prepare breakfast drink a glass of water. Routines are habits that will be a great way to add a new habit into a very established one.

Try any of these steps or all to hydrate your life!

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