5 Steps to Detox Yourself Back to Routine

Feeling a bit lost on how to start again from where you last left off before starting Summer Break?? I get you totally, the kids where at home all Summer long, went for a long summer vacation or/and lots of Summer parties during the Summer? I know how that might make you feel, you feel a bit off, you feel you lost track of your already established Healthy Routine.

Now the question is how to get back? The good thing you have more time for yourself now that the kids are back to school, to take of yourself, and get on with your Healthy Routine. My approach on how to get back to a Healthy Routine, is doing a DETOX.

Now before you think this is one of those crazy only juices detox that is not it, far from it! My approach is based out of eating whole some food, no crazy restrictions, or starving yourself. I like to use a combination of juices, smoothies, healthy fats and raw salads and very clean protein to lower your sugar levels, detoxify your body and retrain your taste buds to get you back to a healthy lifestyle using your inner intuition to feed your body.

What does that mean? In a few words, you eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are satisfied. If you think about it, how can someone over eat and gain weigh because they ate too many vegetables?? Doesn’t make any sense right? Well, because it is quite impossible.

When you are eating foods that contain little sugar and are full of nutrients there is no need to worry, there is a reason why many of those foods are called Super Foods.

Now, before going into a Detox Meal Plan you need an Action Plan to get you back into Routine in the most efficient way possible. Here’s what I do to get myself and my coaching clients back on track fast.

These steps are each important on their own but together guarantee a successful recovery from your summer indulgence.



One of the most important things you can do to regenerate and detox your body is sleep. You need to make sure your circadian rhythm is back on its proper cycle. You can do this by aiming for 8-10 hours of sleep for the next 5 nights. Make sure to get to bed early in a dark room with no distractions, that means no electronics. If you use your cellphone as your alarm, set your alarm way before bed time or set it for the whole week, avoid electronics 2 hours before going to bed. If possible try to wake up at your normal time no matter how you feel, no going back to bed after dropping the kids off at school. Regenerating this cycle will tell your body its time to get back to normal.


With all the toxins built up during the Summer, off-plan food, and other indulgences it is obvious we need a real flush out of toxins. This is not to mention the dehydrating alcoholic drinks and lack of water consumption that occurred all summer long. Drink 2-3 Liters at least of water a day. This is essential for your detox.


I know more than likely you will be dreading it, but just know that you will not regret it after your work out. You will be energized with happy hormones, besides I bet you have been saying to yourself and others that you would start exercising once the kiddos would go back to school. Well, the time is here to get back to shape! No excuses! Make sure to give it your all while working out, make the best out of the time you have to work out whether you have only 20 minutes or you have 2 hours. Make every minute count, the harder you work the more results you will get.


Like I said before, green veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, are essential in getting you back on track. For 5 days try to stay away from sweets, dairy or grains. Pump up your digestion by drinking a Green Drink every morning and your veggies twice a day, the greener the better. Get your FREE 2-day Meal Plan on my FACEBOOK GROUP – Live Well by Amanda join here !


Stay on track by being organized, specially in the beginning. Whether you’re a mother or 2 or you are single gal always on the go, being organized is essential when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Create a 5-day plan prioritizing what needs to get done, exercising and getting your grocery shopping done mark it as a priority. Don’t overdo it, do only what you need to do on that day, if you have extra time and energy do it, if not it can wait, pass it on to the next day. As you check out the things in your to-do-list, and you see less and less stuff that you have to do it will relax your mind and reassure you that the week is going to go smoothly. Focus on one day at a time and start your day with intention. Don’t forget to include these five steps in your weekly planner. Simply write them out at the top of each day, do them, and you will feel great about how quickly you recover.

Most importantly follow the steps from a place of self-love and patience don't worry you will get back into routine in no time.

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Lots of love,

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