5 Healthy Back to School Foods – Delicious, Healthy, Simple

As the new school year fast approaches, the routine, lunch prepping and 5 min breakfasts comes with that as well! And as we have vey little time and sometimes very little patience, we think preparing healthy foods is kinda of an impossible thing – either there is no time or kids will not eat it, so you we think, you see it’s not even worth my time! So, you stick to the basics, something fast, and something that the kiddos will like.

But what I if I told there are plenty of brands that offer delicious, simple and healthy options! I’m with you when I say, practicality is everything when it comes to being a mom, and being able to maintain our sanity.

Before, I go into my top healthy food picks for this school year, let me give you my 3 tips on how to get your little one to eat healthy, cause I know it is not the easiest thing in the world!

#1 Consistency, being consistent in giving your little one healthy food from: veggies, to fruits, to healthy products will be key for success. Trying different foods that are healthy might require some effort but the goods news is that; the more they eat healthy foods the more their taste buds will crave more of healthier options and that will come with consistency, so don't give up.

#2 Don’t force them, but do encourage them to at least try any new healthy food. They might not like it in the first try, but they will end up liking it as you consistently give them healthy food. The idea is for them to be open in trying new foods. Also, getting them involved in the process of cooking, knowing why healthy foods are good for them and why unhealthy foods are not, will definitely encourage towards eating healthy. If you think, when was the last time you ate something, just because someone said so??

#3 Balance is key, a all or nothing approach rarely works for adults and it will definitely not work for the kiddos. Showing the importance of a balance life will help them apply this approach for the rest of their lives which ultimately will help them live a long sustainable healthy lifestyle, avoiding restrictive life long diets. For my daughter Isabela, living a healthy balance life means, not eating candy or unhealthy sweets at home, but she has all her healthy substitutes we don’t like deprivation and eating candy once in a while at parties and sharing a dessert at a restaurant.

And now, let’s make it easier for you to accomplish this with my Top 5 Picks of Healthy Back to School Foods (all Isabela approved):

#1 Annie’s Cereal, Isabela’s favorite is the Cocoa Bunnies made with real cocoa, no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives, no fructose and organic. This cereal will definitely make your morning way easier.

#2 Banza Mac and Cheese, made with chickpea pasta, this brand of pasta is our family’s favorite! Made with real cheddar cheese. They will love taking this mac and cheese for lunch.

#3 Applegate Organics Hot-dogs, made with 100% grass-fed pasture raised beef, no nitrates or nitrites, no antibiotics, gluten and casein free and no fillers. As you may have heard, hot dogs have a pretty rep, from having nitrites, to antibiotics to fillers, and sadly it is true. The good news is that brands like Applegate, offer a very healthy substitute. This hot dogs are great for meal prepping for the kiddos to take to lunch, as the hot dog by itself, or with a bun.

#4 Nature’s Path Almond Cranberry Granola, is made with real ingredients, packed with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Organic, Non-gmo and Gluten-free. This granola goes perfect with fruit and yogurt for breakfast or lunch, or to take as treats for lunch. Kids love taking something sweet to school!

#5 Annie’s Chewy Granola Bars, I have repeated this brand twice because this brand is one of my favorite for Isabela they have all kind of healthy foods for kids! All their products with the same standards, no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives, no fructose and organic. Great for the kiddos to take to snack on or as another option for a healthy treat for lunch.

These are just some of the healthy products that you can find for kids, that are delicious and I know your little one will love!

Let’s make this school year the healthiest yet helping me share these foods with all of our fellow mommies!

And as always thank you for reading loves

Lots of love,

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