Mexico City Eating Guide – My 3 Favorite Restaurants to Brunch

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I recently spent a couple of weeks in Mexico City. Which by the way if you are not my Insta friend yet? Make sure to check it out.

Before I go into what are my favorite restaurants to brunch in, I want to share the importance of intention, when you travel. In other words, what is your intention for that trip? Is it to relax, to meet new people, to try new food, to explore new places? A combination of all?

Why the importance of intention? When you lead from intention, you feel an alignment to what you are doing, you are more present, wherever you go, what you say, you are able to take it all in, the beautiful scenery and the delicious food!

As I touch the subject of food, I bet a lot of you think, that if someone has very healthy in their daily life then that means: even while traveling! Well, and this is coming from a place of having it tried it all, I can say the times that I take the conscious decision in trying new foods even the not so healthy ones, are the times that I allow myself to submerge in the adventure of my trip!

Now that being said, eating what I want when I want while traveling doesn’t mean binging or obsessively eating, quite the contrary. I am able to use what I practice at home also while traveling.

Such as:

conscious eating

chewing my food

staying active

listening to my body when I had enough, or it’s time for a salad

eating not binging

making sure I drink my water

eating or drinking my greens every day

Practicing my habits while traveling allows me to submerge myself in the culture entirely without the feeling of deprivation and without any guilt.

Now, going into eating in Mexico City, if you really for health reasons or otherwise you don’t want to eat bread or bread with gluten and you are looking for healthier options. It is safe for me to tell you that you will find many delicious healthy options and restaurants around the city. And because I also love scouting healthy places everywhere I go, the next restaurants I will recommend have many healthy options and delicious juices as well!

Now without further ado, let’s dive into all the yummy details...

#1 Frëims

Beautiful location with an inside and outside space with a pink beautiful mural painted by Christian Castañeda or known as #xianofthedeath. The weather is great in the morning and noon; you can enjoy your brunch outside. You can order from a variety of juices; I order their Beet Juice which was amazing! The first thing that goes into my tummy in the morning besides water its my juice, great to aid digestion specially while traveling!

I don’t know about you, but when traveling I like to order in the center and share with my friends so I’m able to try different dishes without overeating. We ordered the waffles and berries and the Chilaquiles with Green Salsa. Surprisingly so because we ordered juices, lattes, espressos and entrees, the check came out pretty cheap! I would consider this restaurant budget friendly.

#2 El Beneficio Café

This is the cutest little French inspired restaurant; you will fall in love with their fresh out of the oven pastries! I ordered my Latte with almond milk with an extra shot of espresso, Eggs on the skillet with goat cheese and herbs and a croissant that melts in your hand with fig jam. And because we couldn’t decide from all the deliciousness we also ordered a Matcha bread that was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

#3 Catamundi

Here is another of my favorites!! Everything is made in the restaurant, from artisanal bread, sweet bread, Nutella, to lavender ice-cream! I went two times, one for dinner which I recommend as well and another time for brunch, I ordered the Matcha Pancakes with berries with their very own matcha syrup. It is hard to believe their creativeness in every small detail in every single dish. I also recommend their Chamomile and Lavender tea! You know the place is good when you go two times during your stay.

These are just 3 restaurants from the countless delicious restaurants you will find in Mexico City but something to be sure off is that there will be no complaints from these 3, food, service, and location to perfection!

And there you have it, in detail why these are my LATEST favorite restaurants to brunch in, in Mexico City.

And if you know someone who’s has a trip to Mexico City, forward this post onto them… they’ll thank you for it, with so many places to go to eat, I know this will be very helpful!

Now I would love to hear from you. Have you been to Mexico? If so, what were your favorite restaurants or dishes? Share with me in the comments below so we can create a long list that we can share.

Lots of love,

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