A Morning Routine Can Be Magical! How to create one..

As school almost starts for the kiddos, us moms can go back to our normal routines, that means yes more time for ourselves!!

I love my morning routine; it is simply magical! Having time to wake up early to prep for the day, set my intentions, specially once I’m by myself, really gives me a sense of alignment.

Having a routine, of positive healthy habits sets my day, pretty good! I feel more positive, energized, centered and healthy through out my day if I start my morning with my Magical Morning Routine. My hope for you is to also have your own kinda of Magical Morning Routine and that is what you will learn today.

I have a couple of healthy habits that I do in the morning, which I will share my top 5, that way you can have an idea and try them out as well.

1. Gratitude Exercise – 3 things of which you fill gratitude in your life, try to be specific, and sometimes you can even feel grateful for the small things in life.

2. Morning stretch – if you look at babies or dogs, what do they do as soon as they wake up? They stretch! Why? Because they live in the present, they are not thinking of the immediate future, they are not thinking of all of the things they have to do in a day, no need to jump out of bed. Now you are not a baby or a dog, but you can sure learn from them, take just 2 minutes to stretch before you head on to start your day.

3. Eating a Healthy Breakfast – Eating breakfast in the morning even if it’s on-the-go, will add a number of benefits in your day. You will have higher levels of energy, you will be in a better mood and more than likely you will eat healthier during the rest of your day.

4. Exercise – Exercising in the morning even as little as 15 minutes will help you release endorphins, happy hormones and will help you kick start your digestion as well!

5. Journaling – Right before you start your busy day take time to write a whole page of how you envision your day, and your life to be, as if it were in the present. Be careful everything that you wrote might become true!

Now, this is how you can make your own Magical Morning Routine:

1. As I feel during the week I do a combination of at least 3 habits every day! I want you to do the same, choose 3 from the list that you realistically will do every day.

2. From those 3 choose which one will you start implementing first? Start with the easiest one. Once you choose one, you will start doing it during one week, no if or buts.

3. Form the other 2, choose one. Then add that one to the one you chose from last week, and implement both in week #2.

4. Finally add the last one to the other habits, and implement the total 3 in week #3.

In a course of 3 weeks you slowly implemented 3 habits in your life, small changes that will make a huge difference in the long run in your life. By the end of week 3 you might be seeing all the amazing results from implementing these healthy habits.

The key for a habit to become a habit, is consistency…

Like what you read? Share my Magical Morning Routine to your loved ones, so they too can create their own Magical Morning Routine.

Lots of love,

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