5 Things You Should Know to Find the Right Healthy Lifestyle

How to find the right “diet” or as I like to call it a healthy lifestyle? That is the million-dollar question! A question we all struggle with, but the answer is quite simple, but often lost with so many different theories and diets thrown at us.

The answer is what healthy lifestyle works for you and only you. As I mentioned before, it is crucial to understand, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle or “diet” what might work for me might not work for you and vice versa.

And before I continue, what is my definition as a Health Expert of a successful healthy lifestyle or “diet”? A successful “diet” it is one where you become the healthiest version of yourself LONG TERM. You become knowledgeable and inner intuitive in what is the best whole some food for your body’s wants and needs.

Second question, why a specific “diet” will not work for everyone? That is because we are different we are not made the same, there are many different factors that will determine what is the best “diet” for you.

Some of the different factors are: gender, age, have you had any kids, blood type, activity levels, energy levels, hormonal levels, food cravings and I can go on and on. When you come to understand your unique body it stops being just a diet you follow and it starts being more of coming to understand how your body functions and you eat accordingly, ultimately becoming a long sustainable healthy lifestyle.

So now you are probably asking yourself, how can I find out what is the best healthy lifestyle for me? I will go over some of the basic things you should know to find out what is the best healthy lifestyle for you. I suggest you grab a piece of paper and write down the answers. Start getting the pieces of the puzzle together!

#1 What are your goals in health and life?

Everyone has unique goals in health and in life. Everyone has unique priorities. For example, someone who has the goal of losing weight after having a baby, her body has different needs from someone who is trying to eat healthy because they are training for a marathon.

How is it different?

Well, a person who is trying to lose the baby weight, is probably breast feeding, so it is very important that she is eating vegetables high on nutrients as well as healthy fats to regulate hormones.

Compared to my marathon runner, being that they might be exercising a lot more, they need high levels of protein to restore and recuperate muscle for training.

So ask yourself, is your goal to get fitter, lose weight, balance your hormones, reverse diabetes or maybe is just living a healthy life to set an example for your kids. Define your goals and then define a series of steps to achieve them.

#2 What is your unique lifestyle?

Identify your unique lifestyle, that goes from what do you do for a living? Do you have a desk job or do you have a job where you are very active?

Write down what you do on a regular day, from start to end. See what you can do to better your day, if you start very early find ways to either wake up a bit earlier to prepare breakfast, and if you love to sleep that is O.K. then find ways to prep your breakfast at night for the next day or different breakfasts that you can take on the go, such as smoothies.

Also, identify your energy levels, if you have more energy in the morning try to exercise then, from a fast 15 min home workout, to a 40-minute run. If you have more energy in the afternoon then exercise then, take a class, go to yoga, do what best works for you. There is a higher chance you will work out if you have more energy.

#3 What is your taste in food?

The worst thing you can do when trying to eat healthier is eating foods that you don’t like. Now that being said, I want to explain something; our taste buds will only like foods, from the ones we tend to eat the most.

That goes from what ethnicity we are from, for example I’m Hispanic so needles to stay I love Mexican food. Because that is what I ate since birth, my taste buds are train to eat that food.

It goes the same with, if you eat a lot of unhealthy food, your taste buds will only crave unhealthy food and more than likely will not find a salad very appealing, because that is what you usually eat.

Now, good news we can retrain our taste buds! But start with foods you like within good whole some foods, for example, is you are not a veggie lover, start with veggies you do like, complement with fruit, and slowly incorporate other vegetables you will see a shift in taste pretty quickly.

#4 What are your barriers?

What do I mean by barriers? In what ways do you self-sabotage yourself? Now, to answer this question, you need to be 100% honest and 100% ready to take full responsibility.

And, everyone is different, it may be from daily negative self-talk, constant fear of failure, stress eating, etc.

By answering this question and knowing what are the ways you tend to auto-sabotage yourself from becoming your healthiest you, then you can replace negative behaviors with positive ones.

Here is an example:

If you deal with constant negative self-talk, being conscious, present is the first step, that way you can detect that behavior. Once you know you are doing it then replace it with exactly the opposite. If you say to yourself, I’m ugly, then what do you say? You say, I’m beautiful. You repeat it as many times until you believe it! Because that is nothing but the truth, own it girlfriend!

#5 Are you constantly comparing yourself?

If the answer is YES, which I admit it, I do it as well sometimes. Specially girls we are in a constant war of comparison, either I’m better than you, or you are better than me, either she is more skinny or I am, this inner conversation goes on and on. Every time you start, immediately stop. This mentality is just stopping you from becoming the best version of YOURSELF!

When comparing yourself, remember this, you don’t know what that person had to do in order to get there maybe that person started years before and worked her ass off to get there, I’m talking in health and life! Give her kudos and continue to focus in your life, goals and priorities. Time you are spending in the comparison game it is time wasted from becoming the person you are meant to be.

These 5 basic questions are the blueprint of a long healthy lifestyle that will work for you and only you! And as life goes on, goals, taste and priorities change, so make sure to be constantly asking yourself, is this working for me, I’m a happy, do I feel healthy?

You can always come back, regroup, answer the important questions in life and set a plan. Our goal should be to never stop growing, never stop learning and always be the best healthiest version of ourselves that we can be!

Thank you for reading and sharing the love!

Lots of love,

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