3 Reasons Why Diets Don't Do Squat

If you are one of the thousands of people who are trying to lose weight, get healthier, feel better, achieve a healthy lifestyle; then I want to congratulate you. For that reason alone, you should feel proud of yourself. We all know it is not easy to take the decision of going from your comfort zone to the unknown of a new life!

Now, if you have tried every single diet out there or quite a few, and they might have worked in the beginning but not anymore and you are somehow back in the same place where you started. Let me speak from my own experience, my perspective and my approach as certified health expert. There is a simple reason of why it keeps on happening, because diets don’t do squat!

So the question that comes up is why? Why so many different diets don’t work? It turns out diets work directly against our brain, our biology and our inherent need for pleasure.

That goes to 3 reasons why diets don’t work:

#1 Living with restrictions is no FUN!

All diets have an element of deprivation, counting calories and restrictions. Don’t get me wrong there is a certain nutritional diet you eat in order to lose weight and get healthier, but the difference goes from: because I have to vs. because I want to. The pleasure disappears the moment we are tight-lipped and having to have extreme control and caution about our food. In all honesty who can live like that for the rest of their lives, is that really realistic and achievable? A little fun fact, whenever we live in a state of stress and tension, our body releases cortisol and adrenalin, which slows down our metabolism.

So next question would be how can we achieve a healthy lifestyle with pleasure? Now, that is key, make your new lifestyle your own, what you have to understand, what might work for me, might not work you and vice versa. Every body is different, so learn to eat for YOU. Yes, between the lines of nutritious wholesome food, eat the veggies that you like, stay away from the ones you don’t like, more than likely you will end up eating the ones you didn’t like as you retrain your taste buds with time but because you crave them not because they told you so.

Here comes the FUN part, eat the food you crave more that more than likely qualify in the not so healthy carbs category. Now, here goes how to make this healthy lifestyle happen, first; learn when (what time) to eat not so healthy carbs, according to your activities, in the morning or after or before your workout and second; learn what quality and what type of not so healthy carbs to eat you can always and when I say always it’s always find healthier choices of the carbs you are craving the most. Now a days, you can find, grain-free, gluten-free, healthy grains, quinoa, tortillas made out of cactus, the list goes and on and on that qualify as healthier choices of "unhealthy" carbs. Get creative to make it work, it is pretty easy but it does require creativity and effort!

#2 Diets don’t teach you anything that you can really work with

If you look at it diets usually, tell you exactly what to eat, what not eat, a meal plan that fits all, missing out a huge element! Let's not forget, of course what we eat to make it happen is important but changing what we eat alone will not create a long sustainable healthy lifestyle, because they don’t go into the why? Why we eat the way we eat? What are the deep rooted beliefs, unhealthy patterns and behaviors we have? By getting to learn and understand these behaviors, we are able to work on bettering our food choices and creating healthy eating habits.

Which it connects to my first point, when we get to eat with pleasure, as we work in creating healthy eating habits and we better our food choices with foods that we actually like, we can really achieve a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

#3 Quick fixes are never good

We live in an era that we want everything quick; quick internet, quick Netflix, quick email responses, quick driving, quick changes in our lives and that is not always good. It is true when they say: patience is a virtue, specially when it comes in getting to know our mind and body.

I mean what do you prefer a quick fix with a temporary result or a slower fix but a life time result. If you add all the time you have invested in quick fixes it might be even more time than the time it will take you to achieve a healthy lifestyle at a slower more profound pace.

Be patient and enjoy the process as touché as it sounds! My wish for you is to eat and live with pleasure and connect your mind and body so you can live a long healthy lifestyle.

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