Get to Know the Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

O.K. so I'm doing this new thing, that is a sort of a Travel Journal, I have been traveling a lot mainly in México which is my favorite, and I thought to myself, why not share with you all the beautiful magnificent wonders of México!

You will find this country quite enchanting, the food, service and views are beyond anything else, I swear I'm not exaggerating, there is a reason why this is one the most visited countries in the world.You might know México for Cancún and Cabo, don't take me wrong I'm a hard core beach girl, but if you really want to get to know México to its roots, you have to leave the bikinis behind.Consider the artisanal, ancient, beautiful city of Oaxaca (pronounced "wah-HAH-kah") in southwestern Mexico.

From México one of the most visited cities is Oaxaca, you will find a lot of tourists specially from Europe and the U.S. and honestly I don't know even where to start to be able describe why this city is so magnificent.

So, to make it easier to explain I divided it into two parts, Part #1 will be where to eat, just to give you an idea I have never eaten so much in my life; and Part #2 will be where to go, I will be sharing with you all the most visited places in Oaxaca, the history and its views, key elements that make this place so unique.

Being a #foodie with VERY high standards, I'm only sharing only and nothing but the best. Everything was so so good that after I tried the very first bite of every dish, I wanted to die and go to heaven. Oaxaca has elegant five-star restaurants serving some of the tastiest food in the world, and VERY inexpensive!

Here are my top restaurants of Oaxaca, some of them you will come across on trip advisor, with very good ratings.

Los Danzantes, This was the very first restaurant we went to, it had the best service, the restaurant decor and atmosphere was divine! My favorite dishes were the Hierba Santa, a quesadilla made out of chile meco and the famous Oaxaca's traditional Tlayuda, it was the Shrimp Tlayuda, with asiento, quesillo and cabbage.

(On your left Chile Relleno with Chapulines, on your right Shrimp Tlayuda)

Pitiona Cocina de Autor, featured on Traveler + Leisure Magazine, Traveler Magazine and Life&Style Magazine. All dishes were truly delicious, Chef José Manuel Baños combines traditional flavors with a modern technique. This was a hard call, but my very favorite two dishes were the: Memelas de Camarón and the best dessert I have ever tried in my life, this comes from someone who has a major sweet tooth so I have tried my fair share of desserts in my lifetime, you have to save some room for the, Buñuelos with Quesillo Mousse.

(Buñuelos with Quesillo Mousse)

La Catedral, it is a tough call but I would say this was my favorite restaurant, for a couple of things, the food was traditional yet so delicious, we were seated on a patio, and the service was amazing. If you go to Oaxaca, you have to try at least once of their most famous dishes and that is their Chapulines, which are crickets, they prepare them with a variety of spices and flavors that will taste delicious! La Catedral is a great place to try out Chapulines for the first time, order the Nido de Chapulines al Olivo, with guacamole and hand made tortillas. If you are not feeling the crickets, order the Plato Oaxaqueño served with some of their most traditional dishes of the region. Also, if you go to Oaxaca you need to try their Mezcal, this is a potent liquor made only in Oaxaca from the rare maguey agave, you will find it similar to tequila, but with an earthier flavor. Order a Mezcallini of Tamarindo, it's quite refreshing!

(Nido de Chapulines al Olivo)

El Andariego Restaurante, it's yet another delicious restaurant, great also for breakfast and brunch, the good thing about Oaxaca they stop serving breakfast sometimes until 1-2pm. That gives you enough time, to wake up, get ready and enjoy walking through the beautiful streets of the city. I ordered one of my all time favorite Mexican breakfasts, Chilaquiles Rojos. Almost all restaurants in México, will offer you Pan Dulce (sweet bread), don't skip it, trying Pan Dulce is a must when you travel to México.

(Chilaquiles Rojos)

Mercado de la Calle 20 de Noviembre, before you leave you must go to the mercado which is a Mexican market, not only you will able to buy Mezcal, Traditional Oaxacan outfits and so much more, you can also eat there. Oaxaca is famous for the only state that has seven kind of moles known as the "land of the 7 moles", other states have only 1 sometimes 2, so you might have to go more than once to eat at the Mercado to try out their different kind of moles.

Casa Oaxaca, this restaurant was highly recommended, we didn't try a specific dish from the menu, we were there for a rehearsal dinner, but everything they gave us was delicious, tlayudas, mole and memelas. Great to go for a beautiful dinner and cocktails. They had a variety of delicious Mezcalinis, they are sort of a martini but made with mezcal.

You may be wondering why all of this food might no be considered "healthy" being that I'm a health coach/healthy lifestyle blogger, well my friends here it is where I call it living a balanced life. For me, specifically, I love to travel and I love to cook, so for me to be able to experiment different cultures and their authentic foods, specially in México, is a big part of living life to the fullest! That is, I eat consciously, and well aware my body might not start feeling that well after a couple of days of not having my greens. That is a consequence, I proudly and gladly own up to. Stay tune for my out of this world views, ancient ruins, and the ins and oust of where to go when you visit Oaxaca! Lots of love,

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