Creating a Purposeful Business + Life

Ohhh boy have I learned quite a bit since I started my business!! By far my biggest lessons have come from educational mistakes as I call them. Nevertheless, it would had been nice if someone had told me this before hand.

This is not because I would change anything, I believe everything happens for a reason but maybe in my most challenging moments it would have been comforting to hear and know what I’m about to pass on to you.

My work and my life are one, my work and my life are defined by my purpose, my passion and who I am to the core. For me, one goes along with the other one, I see them as a parallel of endless growth and learning.

If you are on a cross road of starting a business, pursuing your passion, or you are already in the middle of your journey feeling in doubt, I hope this might give you a bit of an insight and clear guidance on what your next step should be.

#1 Focus on Your Purpose, Your Passion, what makes you tick?

I know you might feel this question is a bit profound, but the reality is, this question will define whether you become successful or not. For any business to be successful, you need to be doing it because you simply LOVE what you do.

I’m not talking only about money here, your business might be doing very well financially, but success for me, has a broader meaning, is what I’m doing making a difference? Am I truly happy doing this, specially during my most challenging times? 

When the passion comes from a deep purpose, you will always have the will to overcome any obstacle you may face. There is no other option, you know this is what you are meant to do, period.
Feeling a bit lost, answer the following questions:

What problem would like to solve in this world?
Who are you helping and talking to?
If you were them what would you need to hear?
What is the value you are giving, how are you making their lives better?

If you think about it, this will help you in a soul searching level, as well as in a business level, this information will be the core on how you will market business.

#2 Don’t Wait Until Everything is Perfect!

Oh dear God, this one is perfect for me, this is a disease I still suffer from. I’m a struggling perfectionist, to the point it freezes action. By experience, don’t wait until everything is perfect, don’t over strategize, don’t over plan it. Something is better than nothing!
Yes, you will make mistakes, but that is how you will learn. Mistakes are a huge gift in life, that is why I call them educational mistakes.

Every time you want to judge yourself, every time you limiting beliefs kick in, do totally the contrary. Look at your mistakes real close, and ask yourself what have I learned and how can I do it better next time, re-adjust and move on.

Remember, action is the antidote of fear. If you are feeling doubtful, and fearful that means, you should do it, that is the only way to growth.
Here is a little experience of mine, I used to be soooo afraid of public speaking, passed on a couple of speaking engagement invites. Until, my business coach told me, from now on you will start saying yes to all speaking engagements. Soon enough, invites started coming, and having no other option, I said yes and yes and yes.

What started from speaking to a group of teenagers it ended up in speaking to thousands of students in schools. I totally kicked out my fears!
If I can, if anyone can, you can, brick by brick, step by step, that is how big things are accomplished.

#3 Self-Doubt is a Dream Killer

Self-doubt, constant comparison, yes we all suffer from it. Now more than ever, with social media, everyone looking perfect in their perfect life. Life is beautiful and awesome, but is not perfect!
Stop comparing yourself to others, you don’t know if that person is years ahead of when you started, you don’t know what is going on in their lives.

So focus on your life, don’t derail into other peoples lives, stay on track. If you have Instagram compulsion, close it for a while, until you feel a bit more secure about yourself.
If one thing I’m sure, every single person has a unique talent and place in this world.

Yes, you are unique and special, and no one can be you, because there is only one of you in this world. Focus on that, every day, have your daily mantras, envision that life you want and go for it sista!

Don’t just think about, take the jump, take a leap of faith, and just do it. Isn’t scarier the I wish I had than the I did, it didn’t work out but at least I tried. Wishing you a life full of purpose, passion and profound love!!

Lost of love,

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